Friday, August 22, 2008

Where has the Summer gone?

It seems like it wasn't that long ago when I was half apologizing for not writing blogs because I didn't feel I had anything worthwhile to say. Now I've had all kinds of things to say, but just haven't had the time. This blogging stuff is a lot harder than it looks, at least for me.

I work for the North Dakota Game & Fish Department and for my section, Summer is our busiest season, particularly the months of July and August when we are running all our hunting lotteries, it amounts to about 4 weeks of running reports, looking at numbers, and checking results. We want to make sure the lotteries are fair and accurate. By the end of August I, who normally enjoy math and number-crunching, am so tired of looking at numbers and my finger is numb from punching a calculator and computer keyboard that I want nothing more than to take a long nap until Winter or else curl up with a great book.

After work, my "at-home" hours are usually spent in the yard, mowing grass, pulling weeds, and watering. Again I usually enjoy these activities, particularly after a busy day of staring at a computer screen, but by the end of August I think I will scream if I look at another weed, or have to pay another outrageous water bill or electric bill from running the air conditioner.

But enough complaining. I always try to preach life is not so much what happens to you, it's how you react to it. Always look for the bright side. I've done many wonderful, enjoyable activities this Summer. I've greatly enjoyed my Dad and step mom coming up for their annual Summer visit from Tuscon, AZ. This year, for the most part, the weather has been phenomenally cooperative and we've gone golfing, ate outside, and drove down the enchanted highway which I hope to blog about shortly. (I need to see if I can post pictures on this thing)

In four days I will turn 40 but my family threw a wonderful party for me last weekend because that worked out best for everyone to get together. My grandparents and uncles also surprised me by showing up for the occasion, reminding me again how I need to try to get to Minnesota more often to visit. Life is far too short.

I had a great time. I'm finding it much easier turning 40 than it was to turn 30. "A day which will live in infamy." For me, 30 was tough, it was like, "I'm no longer a kid" or "I expected my life to be different somehow" and other similarly ridiculous lines of thought. 40 is no problem, in fact I'm truly enjoying it, partly because my friend and fellow blogger told me when I turned 39 last year that it was just like being 40 and went around telling everyone I was just as good as 40 anyway. So it seems like I got the "over the hill" business all over with. Thank you Steve!

So, I raise my 8th cup of coffee today in celebration (don't worry, decaf) here's to a great 40 years and hopefully another 40 + years to come. May I find myself spending even more time with family and friends whom I love dearly and enjoying the little things that make life worth living! And of course more regular blog posting : )

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Steve at Random said...

Glad you found some time to post again...I thought your fingers were broken, like DVD's. It's funny how every job has its busy time. Summer is generally a little slower in my office as we work in our vacations.