Friday, July 18, 2008

Kids grow up too fast

I had fantastic day Tuesday. There was free golfing all day in honor of Citizen week in Bismarck. My dad and step mom are in town for their Summer visit and my 9-year-old son recently took up golfing. So for the first time ever, we had a 3 generation golf outing. After a fabulous 9 holes we had lunch at the North American Steak Buffet (I know, my good day just keeps getting better).

So I'm sitting there in the booth just aglow in the warmth of my family. Having my dad and my son sitting with me was so precious I cannot put that into words. My dad left to load up his plate again so I was just sitting there with my son and I asked him, "so, whaddya think?"

With a response so fast I think it put a crick in my neck, my son said, "What do you want me to think?"

I was shocked! This is my son, my baby boy! I expected his face to get all red, I expected him to smile shyly and shrug his shoulders. I did not expect a snappy comeback. Recovering quickly, however, I asked him, "OK, how are you feeling?"

He looked at me with these big eyes and with all the seriousness he could muster, "dad, I'm feeling really happy." It took every ounce of will power I had not to burst out laughing he was so serious. I looked at him with all the seriousness I could gather and said, "Brian, if you're happy, then I'm happy."

Again, with yet another lightning comeback, Brian said, still very seriously, "no dad, if YOU're happy, then I'm happy." I couldn't help it. LOL!! If you've spent any time chatting with computers you more than likely have run across these three letters which mean "laugh out loud". Its a quick way for people to type how they are feeling. At that moment I was LOLing like nobodies business.

My son has a way of raising just one eyebrow I've wished my whole life I'd be able to do but I just wasn't blessed with the "one eyebrow raising" gene. Combining the raised eyebrow with his big eyes he has a look so quizzical as if to say, "are you nuts?" Brian was looking at me with this expression as I was laughing and laughing and laughing some more.

I took a long drink of iced tea and came to my senses again. Brian still had his eyebrow raised and I was afraid it would freeze that way so I said, "Brian we must be two very happy people."

Another snappy retort, "dad, I just don't get you sometimes." ROFLOL!!!! These letters mean "rolling on the floor, laughing out loud". Which I happened to be doing then. Brian had his eyebrow back up AND was shaking his head as if to say, "my dad has completely lost all his marbles." If I had a dollar for every time I just "didn't get" my children all my credit cards and my house would be paid off with money to spare.

Just then grandpa came back and asked, "What's so funny?"

Kids grow up too fast.


Steve at Random said...

After church today, my two sons and my father had lunch with me at Red Lobster -- always a family favorite. We have so many wonderful memories of meals at Red Lobster that I could spend the rest of the day telling them, but let me give you just a couple.

First, when the boys were really young, I used to buy them the add-on crab legs, which kept them very busy for a long time as they hunted for the meat inside the shells. One time I remember looking at the people around us only to discover the tables near us were nearly deserted as the boys were pretty messy eating the crab legs -- LOL.

Second, we had a favorite waitress who we called our "babe waitress." We ate there on one Thursday night of the month when their mother went to her Lions meeting and we liked to joke around with our "babe waitress." Well, we were just beginning our meal and couldn't believe our good luck because we had once again gotten the "babe waitress" only to discover that Belinda had entered the restaurant and was coming to sit with us. Here Lions Club had been cancelled that night.

One story...a long time ago, Derek said he wanted to order the "Ultimate Feast," which I like to order myself in spite of its high cost. So I told that I would order it for him, however, if he couldn't eat it all, he would have to pay me a dollar. He agreed and I thought what a good deal I had made. Not only would I get a dollar but I would also get to eat the shrimp, lobster and crab legs that he couldn't finish. Of course, the joke was on me. Not only did he eat the expensive plate of food, which I had to pay for, but I also had to give him a buck.

Yeah the kids grow up too fast...but enjoy them and cherish the memories. STEVE

Ar Vee said...

North American Steak Buffet,Red Lobster,You gentlemen are making me hungry!Where I live if I wanted to Dine out it's stand in a line 45 minutes.I don't like that much, so My family is more likely to have a six-pack and a pound of Taco Johns tacos and potatos.Usually eaten on the road.Pat and I have become "regulars" at Taco Johns in Dillon.That's about 100 miles from here but it's this side of where we fish,camp,and get fire wood every weekend.I know we are regulars because last week Pat ordered and payed for one choco taco and wound up with two.He took one back and the lady told him the second was on the house.BugerKing was a favorite of Big G. and I on our way to Tucson and back.That was alot of flame broiled bacon burgers but they were easy to find from the interstate.These are great memories,thanks Randy for such delightful thoughts!Sounds like you have a good boy there.

randymeiss said...

As I live and breath. I am humbled and honored to have the great Ar Vee respond to my blog. Yes indeed, my children are pretty special.