Friday, January 15, 2010

The Gift Of Life

One of the most meaningful gifts I received at Christmas was not even a gift that was presented to me. My two children, as well as my niece and nephews received a gift from their grandpa which I hope they, as well as their children and grandchildren will cherish long after my dad and I have passed away.

My dad, in his infinite wisdom, recorded a CD for each of his grandkids. On the CD are 17 bible verses which he reads, along with a devotion about each verse, followed by dad singing a song tying the devotion and scripture together. The title of the disc is, “God’s Word Through Music.”

I can’t tell you how touched I was that dad would do this. I truly hope my children understand and appreciate the timeless value the CD holds if not now, maybe when they are adults. I know I do. I appreciate the time and effort dad put it into as well as his love for his family that led him to make the recording. I must also thank his friends in Arizona who helped him with the recording.

To say thank you seems to fall far short in expressing the depth of my appreciation. But I say it anyway. Thanks dad, this CD means more than could ever know.

I’d like to share with you the words he inserted into the cover. Hopefully dad won’t mind. Click on the image below to view the words on your screen.


Steve at Random said...

Very touching...and I like the photo.

AZJim said...

It was fun to make and I truly do hope and pray that the true purpose of the CD comes to fruition, and that is to enrich my grandchildren's relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ.