Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A tribute to hotdishes

Hopefully by reading this title it won't be too obvious I've ran into a shortage of Blog topics. I simply haven't been able to think of anything I feel other people would want to take the time to read. However, Wednesday evening I took part in sharing our church's weekly family meal. This week the menu was Potluck. If you don't know what that is it's when everyone brings whatever dish they want to share. So you don't know what you will be eating until you start moving through the buffet line. My absolute favorite of church dinners. Just imagine the adventure of sampling several dishes I've never had or don't get very often. I love to eat and it's even more exciting when I find out I enjoy something I've never tried before. You always run the risk you might not like it, but what's the fun without an element of risk? Especially for me when there are very very few foods I don't enjoy, the risk is very small.

But what I love the most is the fact that for so many participants the meal they bring is (queue drum roll) THE HOT DISH, or casserole, or meal-in-one or mystery meat or whatever you want to call it. Can you think of a more perfect food? First of all, ever the practical person, I can't help but admire the brilliance in throwing everything into one pot, and then serving it out of the same pot! Having to clean many dishes in my time I can appreciate having a few less. After all, the food all gets mixed together in the stomach anyway, right?

The transportation factor can also be thrown in. Not only are there fewer dishes to wash, but there is only one pot to carry to the function, rather than who knows how many. This is probably the number one reason why they are so popular at church potlucks is because it is much easier to carry only one pot to the event and of course, there's only one pot to bring home. Both the coming and going must be considered.

But what I enjoy the most is the variety, you truly never know what to expect. They say, (I'd like to find out who "they" are), that variety is the spice of life. I think this true especially when it comes to food. Hot dishes can be made with just about anything you can find in the fridge. Potatoes, noodles, those doughy things called knoephle. Hamburger, stew meat, sausage, ham can also be thrown in. Various vegetables like carrots, peas, green beans, and of course, SAUERKRAUT! (I believe that could be considered a vegetable) Usually something like a gravy to hold everything together, several condensed soups come to mind, or else making your own with flour and oodles of butter. Throw in some salt and pepper and again any other seasonings that tickle your fancy and you have a worthy feast.

Hopefully I've now made you so hungry you've forgotten about my lack of subject matter. Go out and enjoy a hot dish today!


Steve at Random said...

Interesting subject...I agree with you that last night's potluck was spectacular. I've got a soft spot for turkey supreme plus I enjoyed the chicken and the pork chops. And the desserts were out of this world. But what I like even better than the food is the fellowship of the church family eating together. It's wonderful to see people from the age of three to 93 eating together. Dad at a mere 88 is simply one of the crowd...and he enjoyed the potluck as well. Good post.

Lisa Grace said...

As a PK (preacher's kid), I grew up on potluck dinners and it's my favorite meal as well. Where else can you eat pizza, tater tot hotdish, jello, pie, cake and homemade bread at the same place! I dare any TV chef to top this meal

Ar Vee said...

Instant hot dish!!I was always a big hit at potluck dinners for a simple crock-pot corn chowder.I aways liked to hear the "who brought this" or "how do you make it".I've never said,till now.You fry bacon,break it up in the pot,add Campbell's condensed potato soup and some cream style corn,a little milk,heat,and "sha-zam",What a hit at the church social.Fast and easy!I never took any let-over home.Just compliments!

randymeiss said...

I declare Ar Vee. You never cease to surprise me. First you come up with Red Noodles now you've got crock-pot corn chowder. I can imagine what meal times are like at your house, especially if you're doing the cooking.